Phonathon Header

If Phonathons are part of your fundraising strategy, our software will help you reach out and connect. Linked directly to the donor database, Ascend provides up to date details on constituents so your callers can make value-added calls and build better relationships.

Key Features

View up to date demographic information in the calling screen:
Relationships, education, employment
Complete giving history
Spouse demographics and giving history
Interests and attributes
Call results for this and previous Phonathons
Callers enter demographic changes on screen
Action notes are automatically added to donor records for follow up
Key Features
For Supervisors

Monitor progress with financial and calling dashboards
Manage student callers – availability and scheduling
See whether callers are on the phone or idle
System handles complex segmentations of donors to call
Prioritize segments based on time zone or calling session preference
Assign specific callers to segments based on college or degree
System is user friendly – students can get started after 30 minutes of training
Gifts and Reporting

System accepts credit card gifts
Comprehensive reporting on financials and caller success rates
Integration with Outlook to send instant gift receipts