Data Services

Conversion / Implementation

For us, the conversion process is a partnership.

We start off by spending time with you, learning about your strategy, priorities and goals for your organization’s fundraising future.

We take that knowledge and keep it in mind as we analyze and import your data, making sure our software will help you achieve your objectives.

A data integrity review helps to prioritize data clean-up, because no one likes a messy database.

Our process includes giving you access to your data in our software during conversion – providing plenty of opportunity to see how your information will really look when you go live.


Integrated data import tools

Constituent merge feature

Address validation and mapping

Over 100 reports including extensive financial analysis and revenue forecasting


Training Tailored to You and Your Needs

During the conversion process we provide training tailored to each member of the team–and we do it in person, at your office.

Getting to know your team is a key part of our process and helps us ensure the software will be easy to use for each person’s different needs.

If it’s important to you, it’s important to us – and making sure our software supports your fundraising goals and your mission is all part of the service.

After going live, training is available via phone and webinar, and we provide help tools both in the traditional print format and online.


Support that is Focused on You

Just like our clients, we believe in building relationships – and our customer support reflects that.

Whether you use Engage or Phonathon or both, you’ll talk to real people who are dedicated to helping you succeed.

From the very first meeting, to conversion, go live and throughout your relationship with us, we work hard to meet your needs.

“Innovative NonProfit’s customer support is second to none. The hallmark of good customer support is responsiveness, and here Innovative NonProfit excels. Their support staff is quick with answers to our questions, and flexible with solutions. Not only is the software intuitive, the support staff is as well – their experience in the fundraising world means they understand the requirements of an advancement office.”

Dakota State University Foundation


Professional Services

Retention Strategies

A low retention rate means you’re not reaching your fundraising potential. We can help.

Retaining and motivating existing donors costs less than acquiring new donors–so we’ve created a consultancy package that provides exactly what you need to improve retention.

First, we’ll analyze your database to gather statistics on current retention based on:

Overall giving


By giving amount

By age group

Then we look at the key questions:

Why did your donors decide not to give?

Why did they give again?

What did they give to?

Next step, we build retention forecasts that tell you how much more you could raise if you didn’t lose those donors.

We wrap all this up into a retention strategy with clear recommendations that you can take forward, and include a review process to monitor how your retention rate improves.

Business Processes and Change Management

Do you need to review your current business processes?

As you implement new fundraising strategies, are you struggling with change management?

We appreciate that you face multiple challenges in your work. Particularly when you are going through the process of converting to new software.

We don’t want to just be your software provider – our goal is to be your fundraising partner.

We can tailor a consultancy package to your needs, to carry out a comprehensive review of your current fundraising methodology and help you to develop new ways of working that are streamlined and create efficiencies.

We’ll also work with you on managing change – helping you to deal with the many and varied complications that arise, within even the most well-established teams, as you grow your organization and change the way you work.